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February Meeting Full Summaries:

AMY Regional Library Board Meeting

Spruce Pine Public Library Board Meeting

Yancey County Public Library Board Meeting

Mitchell County Public Library: needed

Avery County Public Library: needed

Summary of 2023 events related to AMY Regional Library 

and Yancey County Commissioners and Public Library Board:



  • April Yancey County Commissioner Meeting

Mon, Apr 8th @ 6pm – 7:30 pm- Yancey County Courthouse 110 Town Square, Burnsville, NC 28714

SHOW UP FOR OUR COMMUNITY! Please plan to attend the April Yancey County Commissioner Meeting: ** Both the LIBRARY and SCHOOL are on this month’s agenda. Please plan to attend to support the folks who support us and our youth!**


Full Agenda Here: YCC Apr 24 Agenda

  • A big turnout will show that the community continues to be engaged with what is happening with our library, show the staff support is here for them and will continue supporting them! 


  • Please consider signing up for public comment to share support for the library and school staff, or to share concerns based on what is happening on their boards or if concerning topics come up during this meeting, tax revelation concerns, or whatever else you would like to comment on!


  • How To Make Public Comment: you must arrive before the meeting starts to sign up.Before each meeting they place a sign-up sheet on the podium in the front of the courtroom where you can write your name down and what you wish to speak about. The Commissioners require that you sign up at the podium before the meeting begins, and when its time for the public comment period of the meeting the Chairman will go down the list and call on each speaker who signs up and allow them three minutes to address the board at the podium.

  • We still need folks to read through websites and information related to the ALA and what support they can offer to create a summary of options. We have a list of the websites and docs. 
    • Email if you can take on this task!

  • We need to keep increasing the number of folks attending the Yancey County Library board meetings. Multiple people present felt attacked, on edge, frustrated and upset during and after the meeting due to the unprofessional, rude and accusatory behavior of multiple new board members. While we can’t control their behavior, we can increase our support for the library staff by coming to these meetings, visiting the library anytime to thank them, call or send letters of support, etc. There are no public comments at local library board meetings currently, however, we may be able to advocate for adding public comments at these meetings! We are looking into this.


  • At the May Regional Library Board meeting, we need a BIG turnout in Avery! Multiple hot topics were avoided at the Feb meeting and will be on the agenda next time. Imagine the message it will send to the Yancey Board Members and library staff if a big group is willing to trek out to Avery to support them. We CAN make PUBLIC COMMENT at the regional board meetings and we need as many folks as possible to speak!


  • The next Regional Board meeting will have displays, books, and bylaw policy reviews on the agenda! May 23rd, from 5:30 – 6:45 pm at the Avery County Public Library. 
    • Who wants to carpool? 
    • Anyone know a good place to gather after?
    • Prepare your public comments!
    • Write a comment or letter to staff and get it to us before the meeting to deliver to the staff when QS arrives!

  • Thank you to Rachel Haimowitz from Healthy Plan(t)et Homestead for partnering with
    QS and donating several bags of fresh greens to the Yancey County Library staff as a
    thank you for all their hard work and support!
    •  Healthy Plan(t)et :Nourishing our ecosystem and our community- Operates organically
      & sustainably, Zero-waste with no single-use plastics, Planted, tended, & harvested by
      hand, Women-owned & pays a living wage, Restores soil health & native habitats
    • Spread some love and check out our favorite queer/women-owned farm just up Academy Street from Main Street, Burnsville! We love their delicious produce, fresh eggs, jarred, canned and freeze-dried goods, soaps, etc. Plus, their CSA will be starting soon!
    •  QS is currently working together with Rachel to figure out an on-going
      community-funded CSA subscription for library staff. Details coming soon!

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