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March Meeting Full Summaries:

Yancey County:


Mitchell County:



Yancey County:

  • Share the new QS Yancey County Tax Revaluation Guide

    This guide has been reviewed by the Yancey County Tax Office and has information from an NC School of Government Appraisal expert.

    It Includes:

    ● an explanation of tax revaluation
    ● A step-by-step guide to reviewing your tax card
    ● A step-by-step guide to the appeals process
    ● descriptions of tax exemption programs you may be eligible for
    ● how some state funding can be impacted by the tax revaluation

    ● how you can advocate for the needs of vulnerable people in our county now and in the future

     please take the time to review your tax card to ensure the accuracy of your property details and appraisal value to avoid any community-wide loss of funding!


    Please share this information with others in our community. Feel free to share on social media, print and bring it to organizations around town (ex- senior center), print the QR sheet and hang it on community boards, bring it to your group meetings, if you own a business perhaps there is a place you can have it available for your customers, etc.


    -focus on getting it to vulnerable folks who may struggle to leave their homes, understand what this process is and how it may impacts them, folks who are elderly or disabled, young folks who may be unaware of this situation and its potential impact, working and family folks who may not have been able to attend the meetings due to schedule limitations, etc


    -work together with vulnerable folks to create a plan for their appeals process and encourage them to reach out to the Tax Office or QS for help completing the plan


    If you feel uncomfortable or are unable to get support from the Tax Office: a lawyer, accountant, appraiser, or real estate agent could help as well if taxpayers have access to those resources. If you know anyone who’s gone through this process before and can give insight from their experience that would help as well.


    Thank you to Brandi Buckner Young, Lindsay Smith (Yancey County tax office), NC School of Government, and many others for helping us understand this situation and create this resource for our community.


    Please reach out to us if you have further questions, or ideas on how to spread this information and support our community in protecting their homes, hard-earned income, and state funding


    • Spanish Translation Coming! Email  if you or someone you know can provide translation for QS please!

    • We need folks to contact local churches and other organizations or businesses who can share the Tax Reval Guide to educate the general public and help folks access the support they need to complete the appeal process

  • Attend the County and Town Meetings! Take notes or a recording to share, make public comment!

  • See Upcoming Meetings & Gatherings page for full meetings listing.

Mitchell County:

  • We need folks attending and sharing information about the meetings!

Commissioner’s Meeting:

Tue, Apr 16th –

  • MC Commissioner’s 

@ 6 – 8:30 pm 

Mitchell County Administration Building 26 Crimson Laurel Circle, Suite 2,    Bakersville, NC 28705


  • Have thoughts, concerns or ideas about what is happening in MC Commissioners meetings?
  •  Please reach out, so we can better understand and support the needs in Mitchell!


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